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The Summer Village of Seba Beach was incorporated August 2, 1920. The incorporation was published in the Alberta Gazette August 14th, 1920. The name Seba was chosen by the postal authorities when the post office was opened in July 1915. It is believed that the name was taken after Seba, one of the sons of Cush from Genesis 10:7 in the Bible. The name also appears in Psalm 72. The Village is located on the western end of Lake Wabamun (Cree word for White Whale Lake) 54 kilometers west of Edmonton.

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Council & Minutes

Council meetings are generally every third Thursday of the month.

Next Council Meeting:  May 24th, 2018

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Will be mailed out in May and are due June 30

Invasive Species Alert
Himalayan Balsam appears to have taken over a number of areas on the Seba lake shore. If you have this noxious weed on your property please be diligent in the removal. See attached pdf in the news section.

Damage Lake Wabamun
Seba Beach Shoreline has been significantly altered due to the extreme weather and ice heaves.  As a result a number of properties have been compromised and in some cases structural damage has taken place.  We would encourage all Seba Beach lakeshore property owners to inspect their properties.

Road Bans

75% road ban year round.  At the present time, First avenue has a number of frost heaves. Please check with the administration office prior to scheduling heavy deliveries.


Seba Beach is currently under a Full Fire Ban (No campfires, or other open flames are permitted) All fire permits are suspended and no new fire permits will be issued. Propane Barbeques, stoves and propane fire pits are allowed.

The fire ban has been upgraded to allow for campfires in contained pits with screens.

Waste Management

Solid waste pickup is every
Monday and Tuesday.

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On Saturday May 12th, 2018 a vial with an unknown substance was found by Peace Officer Hampton on 1st Ave North,  This vial contained Fentanyl MDMA and Cocaine.

Please, if you find anything suspicious on the road  do not touch the object even with gloves on and call 9-1-1.  With the Fentanyl crisis in Alberta and around Canada we are seeing incidents like this is all corners of the province.

The dangers of Fentanyl are even a small amount of Fentanyl (size of a grain of salt) can cause problems with breathing, cardiac arrest and death if not treated right away.  Please have a talk with your children and explain the importance of this and what to do if they come across something suspicious.

Naloxone is a drug that can temporarily reverse an opiod (such as Fentanyl) overdose, so long as it is given right away and followed up by emergency medical care. In other words: if you're having an OD from opioid (such as Fentanyl), Naloxone can save your life.

You can pick up free Naloxone kits at many local pharmacies or from Alberta Health Services.


Community Peace Officer Hampton










May 14th, 2018

At this time 1st Avenue North from the "Y" where Rge Rd 55A meets 1st Avenue North the road ban has been decreased from full ban to 75% weight restriction.

1st Avenue from Rge Rd 55A travelling South remains closed to local traffic only and full weight restrictions remain in effect.

"Local Traffic Only" means those property owners in the restricted area.

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