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Development Services

Tony Sonnleitner is the Development Officer for the village. If you are planning any development within the municipality you must contact Tony for information or to submit an Application for Development . (download below)

Phone 780 718-5479    Fax 866 363-3342   email pcm1@telusplanet.net

DP Application - for Seba Beach.pdfDownload Application for Development • 84.1 KB
Seba LUB_Bylaw_No_2-2008 with Text Amend for Guesthouse Complete.pdfSeba LUB_Bylaw_No_2-2008 with Text Amend for Guesthouse Complete.pdf • 2.2 MB

Inspections Group

Inspections Group is the service provider contracted by the Summer Village to provide the permits, compliance monitoring and inspections to completion of your development. Once the Development Permit has been approved and issued by the Development Officer you can download any permits you may need  or if you have any questions, visit the Inspections Group website www.inspectionsgroup.com

Building permit.pdfDownload Building permit • 71.7 KB
Electrical permit.pdfDownload Electrical permit • 61.8 KB
Gas permit.pdfDownload Gas permit • 66.4 KB
Plumbing permit.pdfDownload Plumbing permit • 64.8 KB
Private sewage permit.pdfDownload Private Sewage permit • 864.6 KB

Property Assessment

The Summer Village is a member of the Capital Regiona Assessment Services Commission and the Assessor appointed to our municipality is Kevin Lawrence. Kevin can be contacted at:

phone 780 419-2158 cell 915-3113 email Kevin@kcl-consulting.com

Assessmentoverview.pdfDownload Property Assessment Overview • 619.9 KB
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